Why Choose Moments for your Cyprus Wedding?

As a company we believe in taking a completely photojournalistic approach to wedding photography and videography. Nothing staged, posed or artificial. Your day will have enough amazing moments that are real.

Our approach is to observe carefully and capture these moments discreetly. We don’t want your guests to feel the ever- looming presence of a wedding photographer or videographer.

With our experienced team of editors we can stitch together every single moment into a narrative movie.

Filming a Wedding takes us to a new venue every day, filled with new and interesting people, challenges and a new couple on the happiest day of their life – and we have the honor of being the people that capture it all for you. We produce something that will be watched in years and years to come, potentially by your children and their children’s children. And that is a truly special thing.

Telling stories is simply what we love to do and we get to do exactly that every day!

The end gratification is the feedback we get from our couples once they have watched their film. You are our biggest critics and there is no better feeling than knowing we have done your day justice.

Our team at Moments have over 26 years of experience in media production and 7 years in capturing weddings. In this time we have worked for many major corporations such as MTV, Ibiza Rocks, I’m from Yorkshire, Hard Rock Café, Dubia Mall, Gulf Technical, Arijit Singh (Bollywood Star) Girls Aloud, Jessi Jay, Plan B, Charlotte Crosby, Steven Bear, Rudimental, PlayaWay Abroad, BBC, Faheem (The Voice finalist) Adidas, Blacks (2nd largest outdoor clothing store) Leeds & Reading festival, Ariana & Rose (New York Band) Robins Entertainment (New York record Label) and David Zowie plus so many more! 

When it comes to Moments your in good hands!